Best YouTube Channels to learn Flutter — Part 01

  1. Flutter DevOfficial Flutter YouTube Channel, it is the best place to learn about Flutter SDK and real code examples. Popular videos are widget of the week, Package of the week.

2. Free code Camp — We can find the free Flutter tutorial videos from this channel some of the notable videos are 37 hours Flutter course for beginners and Flutter Essentials.

3. The Flutter WaySpeed code of Flutter Apps UI kits. Some of popular videos from this channels are E-commerce Flutter UI, Plant App, Responsive admin dashboard.

4. Flutter Mapp — This channel we can learn Flutter from scratch with the beginner video Zero to Hero and advanced Flutter video Hero to Pro.

5. Codepur — India’s first Flutter GDE who runs this channel. Some of the popular videos from this channel are Roadmap to learn Flutter, Master Flutter in 8 hours.

6. Marcus NG — Learn how to create the beautiful UIs and production ready apps in Flutter. Popular videos from this channel are Flutter video calling with agora, Flutter budget trackers, Flutter Google Map API tutorials.

7. Code with Andrea — Learn Flutter topics such as state management, layouts and testing. Some of popular videos are Flutter state management with Riverpod, Flutter layout basics, Starter Architecture for Flutter and Firebase Apps.

8. Flutter Community — Contents from the member of Flutter community. Popular videos are Flutter puzzle hacks, 30 days of Flutter, Flutter Vikings.

9. Flutter Explained — We can call this channel as Wikipedia of Flutter development. All questions related to Flutter development are explained in this channel. Some of the notable videos are Flutter road map — How to learn Flutter, Realtime application with dart — sockets tutorials.

10. Fun with Flutter — Making fun stuff with Flutter and Dart. Popular videos are Improve your Flutter app performance, Unique sign in form build with Lit firebase AUTH and Flutter, Algorithm Visualizer.



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