React Native Ecommerce App 🛒

Shoppr eCommerce App in React native

Shoppr is an e-commerce app build in React Native (a open source UI framework for building mobile applications). This app contains 15 screens for a production ready e-commerce applications.

App Features

  • Build with latest version of React Native
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Easy to use UI and beautiful design
  • Login and Registration screens
  • Used TypeScript features
  • Free icons
  • Used Redux library for state management
  • Build with Expo

Screens Included

  1. Splash Screen
  2. Login Screen
  3. Registration Screen
  4. Home Screen
  5. Catalogue List Page
  6. Filter Page
  7. Custom Filter List Page
  8. Product Details Page
  9. Profile Page
  10. My Orders Page
  11. Order Details Page
  12. Address List Page
  13. Add New Address Page
  14. Personal Info Page
  15. Cart Page

Used Frameworks & Libraries

  • React native — v0.64.3
  • React — v17.0.1
  • Expo — v46.0.2
  • Expo vector icons — v12.0.5
  • React Redux — v7.2.6
  • React Navigation — v6.0.9
  • Yup — v.0.32.11
  • Typescript — v4.3.5

Source code

Purchase the app source code on Gumroad

5th Anniversary offer:

Apply promo code VIGO5years and get 50% offer on this product.

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