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Tech Stacks

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Frontend Tech Stack

The frontend tech stack is the client side of the application. Client-side refers to the “user interface” everything in a web application that is displayed on the end user device (Client). HTML, CSS (SASS, LESS) and JavaScript or TypeScript are the three elements of the front end stack.

Backend Tech Stack

The backend tech stack is server side of the application. Server side means everything happens on the server. Database (MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL), web server (Apache, IIS), programming languages (JavaScript, PHP, Python) and frameworks (Laravel, Ruby on rails) are elements of backend stack

Popular Six Tech Stacks


A LAMP stack is a set of open source technologies that developers use to build websites and web applications. LAMP is an acronym for the operating system, Linux; the web server, Apache; the database server, MySQL; and the programming language, PHP. LAMP stack used for backend application such as data processing software, database components, business logic in code and API for communicating with other applications.


The MEAN stack is a JavaScript based framework for developing web applications. The four technologies make up the layer of stacks such as MongoDB; document database, Express; Node JS web framework, Angular; a client side JavaScript framework and Node; the JavaScript web server.


MERN and MEAN are similar in many ways. The difference is that React is substituted for Angular. MERN Stack is designed to make the development process easier and smoother. MERN Stack Developers can efficiently build web and mobile applications using standard processes and abilities.


MEVN stack is the open-source JavaScript software stack that has emerged as a new and evolving way to build powerful and dynamic web applications. MEVN is an acronym of MongoDB, Express, Vue; a client side progressive JavaScript framework and Node.


PERN stack consist of PostgreSQL; object relational database, Express; Node JS web framework, React; a JavaScript library and Node; the JavaScript web server. Using this technologies, one can build a full stack web application with CRUD operations.


A new way to build rich, reactive web application using TALL Stack, which consist of awesome technologies such as Tailwind CSS; CSS framework, Alpine; a light weight JavaScript framework, Laravel; PHP framework and Livewire; a full stack framework for Laravel.




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