You should be aware of TALL Stack and it’s resources

TALL Stack

TALL Stack’s Resources

  • Admin panel — A full featured Laravel admin panel with interactive tables, sort, search and filter functionalities.
  • Form builder — An intuitive Laravel form builder which generates date pickers, searchable select menus, rich text editor and file upload fields just with one line of PHP code.
  • Table builder — Build custom datatables, complete with sort, search and filter functionalities, with a simple PHP interface.
  • Notifications — Send beautiful notifications, with animations and the full power of Livewire, using a fluent PHP interface.
  • Filters & Search
  • Column Sorting, Sum, Count & Average in Header/Footer
  • Pagination
  • Action Checkboxes and Action Buttons
  • Works with Bootstrap 5 or Tailwind CSS 3x
  • Livewire Modal Integration (Wire Elements Modal)



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